About Us

COLLIN’S® is a new concept restaurant, which combines the characteristics of traditional healthy cooking, offering extremely affordable, high quality Western & European cuisine. Especially popular amongst the supper crowd, it was founded by Chef Collin Ho, who has had 17 years of experience in the culinary field. His time working in the likes of restaurants, such as five star hotel, has allowed him to hone his skills in western cuisine.

Committed to his values of celebrating life’s simple pleasures, being passionate about what he does and supporting the community, COLLIN’S® has rapidly expanded its outlets and premium restaurants island-wide while staying true to the foundation the business has been built on. With outlets across a wide variety of locations and 4 premium restaurant at the heart of Singapore, COLLIN’S® has proven to be the key to keeping premium quality ingredients at highly affordable and reasonable prices. A brand new experience for diners with comfortable and refreshing architecture and decoration, we believe diners will have different experience at COLLIN'S® restaurants.

Since years, “Our aim is to bring restaurant-quality food to the masses at affordable prices,” explains Collin of his titular food chain. With this belief of putting customers at the very heart of their business strategy, Collin and his team hope to share the joy of extraordinary food with ordinary people.
Every creation at COLLIN’S® is testament of the brand’s attention to details, from thoughtful selection of ingredients to ensure the dish is balanced and elevated to a continuous strive for improvement and bettering the dish.

Give your taste buds an extraordinary experience and redefine your dining experience at COLLIN’S® restaurants today.